Antminer L3+/L3++ Blissz Firmware 1.02 No Dev Fee

Download Antminer l3+/L3++ Blissz firmware 1.02 No Dev fee fix! Antirvir fix! SSH fix! Signature fix & mm.

This is the very best, only existing and edited Blissz firmware for Antminer L3+ and L3++ (v1.02 stable, No Dev Fee, No Trojan, No Hidden Backdoor Fee! L3+ and L3++ Anti Virus removal added)! Read below for more informations.

In the folder:

  • additional files and a text file with full, simple instructions to get past the “Cannot find Signature” error when updating firmware (in case you have the 2019 Stock firmware, HiveOS firmware, MSKMiner or other 3rd party FWs installed)
  • OC Settings working for most L3+ and L3++ with 650 MHs on 950 Watts
  • Failed board detection fix from Blissz hash: 6eb3c24906fa14a2980f0dcf12a9c98f6f342eeff03c6a8dba7e664572feef24

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What is Antminer L3+/L3++ Blissz Firmware?

Antminer L3+ Blissz firmware is custom firmware for the Antminer L3+ cryptocurrency mining machine. The firmware is developed by the Blissz team and is designed to provide additional features and improvements over the stock firmware that comes with the Antminer L3+.

The Blissz firmware is based on the official Bitmain firmware but with added features such as voltage control, frequency control, and increased power efficiency. It also includes features such as remote monitoring and management, automatic frequency tuning, and optimized power consumption.

Overall, the Blissz firmware is intended to make the Antminer L3+ more efficient and easier to use for cryptocurrency miners, allowing them to maximize their profitability and mining capabilities. However, it’s important to note that installing custom firmware on your Antminer L3+ may void the warranty and may require technical knowledge and experience.

Why is This Firmware the Very Best?

This is the official fixed and latest Blissz Firmware ver. 1.02 with added antivir fix, ssh fix, no dev fee fix

+Dev Fee was removed again (dont get fooled by other Blissz versions on ebay or wherever, hidden fees are common and easily recognizable when you check your pool)

+“No Signature“ fix, even if prior installations of MSKMiner, HiveOS or other FWs makes it impossible to flash

+Integrated HiveOS Antivirus Fix for infected miners

+No Trojans, backdoors or other hidden features that make your Miner vulnerable

+Regained SSH Access to your miner

How This Works?

In 99% of the cases you can just access your miner via your browser and use the „update firmware“ function under the System >> Upgrade tab.

In 1% of the cases you need to extract the fw to a MicroSD card (with max. 8GB size) and flash your miner via MicroSD card (dont worry, all Antminer L3+ and L3++ have a MicroSD card reader. For that you need to remove your control board to access the MicroSD Cardreader Slot (its easy as hell). Insert your MicroSD card. Turn on the miner, wait 1 minute till the green light flashes then power off the miner, remove the MicroSD card and you are ready 2 go.

For both cases, exact „step to step“ manuals are included.

Aswell as an extra step to step manual for the included „Boarddetection fix“.

Your miner runs but one or more hashboards are not detected and therefor not mining.

  • Unlocks voltage global or individual per chain. Saves up to 20% energy usage compared to the stock firmware and enables your miner to run on 650 MHs at 950 Watts
  • Adds frequency setting per individual chain.
  • cgminer update to 4.10
  • Adds 3 fan profile modes and manual mode fixed
  • No more high fan speed during startup
  • Faster startup time
  • Cleaned up web interface
  • Cleaned up kernel log
  • Added HiveOS AntiVirus fix for infected miners
  • No trojans, backdoors or other hidden fees
  • Flash back to the default firmware at any time, no special steps needed.

ATTENTION: Be sure that your miner has a working micro SD card slot!

Thanks u/onlylooknohave for sharing on reddit.

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